The Day After, Swimming and Parramatta Park

So the day after all the liquor tasting Shane got up and made me breakfast! This is an example of a pretty usual weekend (read: fancy) breakfast for us.

It is: toast then guacamole then cheese then fried egg. The yolk pretty much HAS to be runny. So tasty.


That’s my only photo from that day. Certainly no selfies.

The NEXT day we tried making Auntie Rosanne’s Chickpea Chowder. Shane’s gallbladder was still a lil testy so we wanted to eat healthy haha. Thanks to Kendra for emailing me all of the old family recipes!!

Here’s a photo montage of us making soup and baked tomato chicken for dinner. These days were consumed more and more by Shane’s study schedule so there aren’t as many photos of us having fun 😦


Here’s Shane feelin’ successful:


Also, in case anyone is wondering, this is the best soup ever. Especially as leftovers. Its super filling, super creamy tasting and basically all vegetable! (and chickpea haha)

The Monday following was following the theme so far. Shane studied and I went on an adventure of my own.

Adventures are not complete without your Katy Perry Cat Glasses.


Here are a couple shots of the streets around the corner from our house. Basically this is what the walk towards the bus looks like. Maybe I can get a job at Rug World… (no one ever shops there.. it might be a front).

PRETTY JACARANDA TREES!!!! And also what the cross lights look like here. No white man walkin’ and no giant hand.

Ridin’ the bus into Parra:

I had to return some library books and they had the COOLEST system! At the external drop you scan your library card which unlocks the return door. After you’ve slid your books through it relocks! Not a bad idea to prevent vandalism!

After the Library, I decided to go for a walk in Parramatta Park. As promised, here is the road crossing legend.

The park has a large rose garden in the corner of the park near the city.

I’ll post some more pictures of the park below. In the middle of the park, there is a huge house called “Old Government House”. This was the secondary residence for the first ten Governors (Australia’s official representative of the British Monarch) of New South Wales. It was used between 1800 and 1847. It’s actually an UNESCO World Heritage site due to its association with mass convict transportation! It costs money to go through though so just photos of the outside here.

This is the Parramatta River winding through the park. You’ll see more photos of it in a future post when Shane and I take a boat ride down it (spoiler alert).

Super old bridge! The sign says: This Bridge was officially opened by his excellency Admiral Dudley DeChair K.C.D. M.V.O Governor of New South Wales, Tuesday 29th September 1925. (It also lists some trustees but that’s kinda boring so zoom in yourself if you wanna).

This bridge takes you North towards our house, the local stadium and the local swimming pool. Which was my next stop! Slides!!!! They cost money though… no dice!

Early afternoon was the PERFECT time to go swimming. I got a couple hours of swim time in before school was out and all the kiddies showed up for lessons. It’s a full olympic size swimming pool so those laps were a bit tougher. Huge dive pool and lots of kids pools here as well.

After swimming I walked home. Right next door is the stadium for the Parramatta Eels. They are our local NRL (National Rugby League) team! You can see the big lights over the tree and the stadium behind the parking lot.

Also I found this lovely sandstone building!

Turned out to be a prison…

After I got home, Shane and I heated leftovers for dinner. Date nights during exam time are less fun. (:P)


Miss you all!!

Love you all!



One thought on “The Day After, Swimming and Parramatta Park

  1. Is this the prison where you said the inmates are there just Mon-Fri and go home on weekends? Or other way around? Cool it has plants growing out of the walls.

    The Parramatta River looks a lot like the colour of the Fraser. Pretty muddy water…does anyone swim in it or are there man eaters creatures in there?! 🙂

    That park looks cool. Would love to go and explore it when I am there, although it seems like I will run out of days. Kerri said to do the Sydney Harbour bridge. She said it is really cool and verifies what you have said. The restaurant looks very interesting – no pix from inside??

    Soup looked good – if you are a chick pea fan! Not!!



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