Halloween! And Adventures with the Oven.

Halloween day was filled with important tasks.

I beat threeee cups in Mario Kart. Check it.

IMG_3246 IMG_3263 IMG_3224

It was 100cc. I’m still not very good. I can’t beat Shane.. or Brendon. Boo.

Halloween isn’t a big thing in Australia. No houses were decorated on our street and Halloween candy comes in 12 packs. (For like $5 a bag!) I think that given the influx of North American ex-pats, it’s slowly gaining momentum but on the day of, it felt pretty different to home.

Andre carved a pretty sweet pumpkin (the only one on the street). A lot of people were taking photos as they walked by.


We wanted to dress up and hand out candy – Shane went as a mad scientist and I went as a giraffe.

Getting ready photo:


Shane was pretty terrifying:


More costume photos:

IMG_3229 IMG_3231 IMG_3230

The weather was really not in the spirit haha


But Shane and Andre were. I would recommend expanding the photo to get the full effect of how creepy Shane looked.


Despite my fears, the night was super fun. We got a total of 10 trick-or-treat-ers. Some of which had KILLER costumes! We also had two random children that Andre gave candy to because they happened to wander into shouting range. I think the direct quote was “HEY!!!! Are you guys trick or treating?! No?? Do you want candy anyways??” And then all the Canadians ran outside to spread Halloween joy.

We sat inside watching Star Wars (and eating lasagna leftovers) while the kids wandered by. At one point a nice lady who lives across the street from us came and tried to give US candy… it was a confusing Halloween moment. But also super nice and cute haha.

Overall, it was a fun, chill Halloween. It was nice to try and represent the tradition in a way that would do home proud. One group of kids took selfies with us in our costumes and told us that we were the “nicest house so far”. Haha success!

The next day was Andre and Brendon’s turn to make family dinner (we do family dinners on Sundays). Andre bought a beer can chicken holder a few weeks back so tonight the dish was ginger-beer-butt-chicken with ginger-beer-butt-chicken-drippings-gravy with barbecued corn and broccoli. Healthy (ish) and delicious. I think that we would all recommend ginger-beer-butt-chicken and also Andre and Brendon’s mad kitchen skills.


Sunday night family dinner is slightly different than home… beer instead of milk. I’ll have to suggest it when I’m home in December.

The beginning of November is ‘scary freak out time’ in the world of dental students so I tried to make myself scarce and let them study. Thus, adventures in raisin bread!

(From scratch!)

I used this recipe which the boys seemed to like but I wasn’t really a huge fan. I found it a little bit dry and it was a huge struggle to hand knead in all that flour. The dryness may have been my own fault though because I struggled with the cooking time… a lot haha.

Here is the dough rising. You can also see that the homemade table transitioned into a giant fruit bowl for a week or so.


Here’s my floured counter for rolling! Only we don’t have a rolling pin (or a wine bottle) so I kinda poked it into submission.

IMG_3250 IMG_3251

Continuing the theme of not having proper kitchen equipment, I realized after making two loaves worth of bread that we (Andre) only had one loaf pan. So I also made raisin muffins! Exciting!

Here they are ready for the oven!


Here they are happily baking in the oven!


Here they are horrifically burnt by the oven!


We peeled off the tops and ate the bottoms… Shane was very supportive about the burnt raisin bread … things.


Andre made some suggestions about oven temperature and cook time… which worked out very well for the bread!


Check out how swirly it is!


If anyone has a better handmade raisin bread recipe send it my way! This was like a 60% success.

Miss you all!

Love you all!



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