October 27th – October 30th

I think that I had neglected to show our bottom floor in my previous photos of the house so, when I took out the garbage and recycling, I took some photos of our garage space.

Here is our garbage and recycling. Each unit gets one green bin of each. The yellow lid is all of our recycling mixed together (it’s about the size of a green garbage bin back home) and the red lid is household garbage. This is just outside of our garage. There is curbside pickup weekly for garbage and recycling is once a fortnight.


This is what the common garage space looks like. You can see that our garage is open and our trash bin is on the right.


Here is the inside of our garage with the door open over my head. We have a small storage space to the right in that photo and then a long space to the back. It technically is a two car garage but I think it would be really tough if you actually had two cars. You can see that we have a cage in the back, a small workshop and some shelving for things like paper towel, toilet paper and spiders!


Here’s the work bench. A bit different than dad’s haha. The guys use it for dental work.


Doesn’t everyone keep a shoe box with dental models in their garage?


The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I complained incessantly about my egregiously injured foot. (I forgot my insoles for my shoes which are a half size too large D: )

Toe flap! Shane offered to amputate but I’m good at healin’.


After all that rich food downtown Shane and I went back to chicken, rice and vegetables haha.


I went back to the library. Looks and works the same way as home.


Then I put out a blanket in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine. I got super weird tan lines on the back of my legs. Would not recommend.

IMG_3197 IMG_3198

Shane and I gave up on chicken, rice and vegetables and ordered pizza from Crust. It’s super gourmet and so yum. Shane had strongly recommended it so it was hard to resist haha.

We got a Moroccan Lamb pizza with Olive Feta Squares (as a breadsticks like thing).

IMG_3196 IMG_3195

To continue the Italian trend, I also decided to make lasagna. It was a huge hit – I can’t really share my recipe because its super tweaked and it seems to change a little every time I make it but I took photos of some of the process:

Here’s the meat sauce simmering away. I let this go for as long as possible to help all the spices blend and deepen. Lots of garlic.


Making the cheese sauce. Mozzarella was super expensive when I went to buy supplies so that’s actually cheddar. Cheddar is white in Australia. It’s also not called cheddar. So technically thats ‘Tasty cheese’. The name is accurate so I guess that’s a plus.

The small bowl and cutting board have freshly chopped parsley. I had to youtube how to chop continental parsley! I don’t think I had used it before! The broader leaf parsley has a way nicer texture. It isn’t spiky when you bite.

Also that’s Masterchef Australia on my laptop. I needed some cooking inspiration haha.


Beginning assembly:


And the cheese sauce:


Another meat layer on top of the noodles (I couldn’t find ones that you can pre-cook! Which I prefer for texture reasons… oh well)


I had more meat and cheese mix than would fit in the pan so I made a mini lasagna! Shane and I just had it this week (late November) haha.

Here are the two end products. One for the oven and one for the freezer. (Yes, that’s a pot – we don’t have a ton of baking dishes!)

IMG_3207 IMG_3209

This is the lasagna after sitting in the sauna for a bit.


Shane and Andre found my phone while I was distracted haha. Jokes on them though! My eight followers will see their silly photos!

IMG_3216 IMG_3218

Here is the final product. Pretty okay dinner if you ask me! And it lasted a TON of meals for all four of us! Om nom.

IMG_3219 IMG_3220

Miss you all! Love you lots!

xox Carmel




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