The Best Day Ever

Okay guys. Hang onto your hats because this was an amazing day that I am so excited to share with you all!

Monday, October 26th

The day started off pretty normally.. Shane and I had leftovers for lunch before he had to run to lecture in the afternoon. I hope that Ian sees this and gasps with horror from Shane and I eating leftover dressed coleslaw. haha


The day may have started normally but as it turns out, Shane surprised me with tickets to go see one of my favourites stand up comedians – Danny Bhoy! If you are unfamiliar with him, I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that you go check out his comedy specials.

Subject to Change is what got me hooked. It’s on Australian Netflix but not Canandian (even though it was filmed in Montreal)!!

So after Shane got back from his lecture, we both got ready to go out. I needed advice from sisters and friends on which dress to wear:


We both did hair and makeup:


Shane finished first so he helped me:


We had to run to catch the bus so a nice couple photo was taken there! Also I was really proud of how I did my hair haha.


We were going the whole way into the city so we had to bus and then catch a train.

Some friends asked me what the date was and I told them that it was still going…


Haha oops! Sorry Shane! Full attention!

We got off the train at the Queen Victoria Building – which is one of my favourite places in Sydney. We’ve gone there every year and it has all kinds of high end shops including a Dr. Seuss Gallery!!! It is the BEST. I’ll go take photos soon. There’s also a bunch of stores that I can’t even pretend to afford. It was all decorated for Christmas (which feels weird because it is SO hot)!! It’s a gorgeous old building with a huge statue of Queen Victoria outside.

It was very busy with the evening rush hour in effect


The building has these amazing cuckoo clocks… aren’t the lights pretty? They call them “fairy lights” here.


They also had a HUGE tree decorated:

The base was really cool looking:

It was decorated by Swarovski. The sign says:

“Celebrate. The tree took 92 people 44 hours to bring to life. It’s 6.5 Tonnes of christmas delight. 65,150 lights that sparkle bright and 82,000 crystals that shine day and night.”


I would have loved to stick around longer but we had to run to our dinner reservations so we left the QVB.

Sydney is such and old yet modern city so it’s really neat to see where the architectural styes intersect.


This was right next door to our restaurant! The Great Synagogue. Congregation founded in 1828, Synagogue erected 1878.

The restaurant Shane booked us into was called Bambini Trust Restaurant and Wine Bar. It has won “Australian Gourmet Traveller” awards so we knew that were in for a pretty amazing treat.

It’s a very dim and romantic style restaurant with huge chandeliers.

We started off with an amuse-bouche from the chef. It was an arancini ball with a spicy aioli.


We also ordered a bottle of 2013 Hugel Gentil from Alsace France. It’s a Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Riesling blend. It was very light, sweet and fruity – Shane and I both enjoyed it.

They brought this super high quality olive oil to dip sourdough rolls into. Very yummy.


Our main courses were unbelievable. It’s making me hungry again writing about it.

Shane ordered ‘Mary Hill Farm’ Lamb with Roasted Jerusalem artichokes, Cavelo Nero and rosemary jus. Do you know what cavelo nero is? I’ll answer after the photo but add your guess to a comment below!


Did you guess Tuscany Kale? It is also known as black kale or black cabbage. I tried some of Shane’s and it was excellent. Much better than any kale I’ve ever made!

My dish was Confit of duck with Polenta Bianco, Pancetta and Blood Orange. The blood orange made such a difference in the dish. It was so decadent – every bite was phenomenal.


You can see the side that we ordered behind my plate: Warm salad of Cauliflower with Sweet Potato and Goat’s Curd.

After our mains, we ordered desert!

Shane ordered: Torta Caprese “Isle of Capri” Flourless Chocolate Cake with Mandarin ice-cream and Grand Marnier Salted Caramel Sauce. Look at the plating!


I ordered Affogato Drowned in Toschi Nocello with Frangelico Liqueur.


You can see two scoops of Vanilla ice cream with a biscotti and then two glasses. The one at the back is a shot of espresso and the one at the front is Frangelico. Reminded me of Pa and the fancy liqueur glasses that come out after dinner.


Sooo yummy. After dinner, it was time to walk over to the show!

Downtown Sydney is quite fancy and looks very nice at night. Prada store! Also an after dinner selfie!

Here’s our approach to The State Theatre:


And here’s the show announcement! He also performed at the Opera House earlier that week.


The State Theatre was incredible! Here is Shane next to Danny Bhoy’s poster and the entrance way into the theatre.

Like most buildings in Sydney, the architecture was incredible. It opened in 1929 and has beautiful Art Deco features that are so characteristic for that time. It’s one of my favourite styles so I took a hundred thousand photos.

Shane got us amazing seats. Look at how roomy this theatre is!! Look how close to the stage we were! At one point a (drunk) woman in the audience started heckling.. and wouldn’t stop so Danny Bhoy jumped down off the stage. He was like 5 ft. from where we were sitting.

This is looking around from where we were sitting:

Selfie from our seats:


We took a funny selfie and noticed that we had a friend haha. He must have noticed when we took it because he was gone by the second one. lol!

One more more pre-show photo:


Unfortunately there was no photography allowed during the show so just imagine like 20 photos of Shane and I laughing super hard.

After the show we walked up to the edge of the stage and took some photos inside the theatre. The photo from the back of the theatre is actually just outside the ladies washroom! The entrance is in the main show hall!

They had busts of famous composers! I’ll only post two but there were TONS of busts and statues.

Outside the main hall I took more photos of the detailed building:

Shane found a cool water fountain:


In addition to famous composers, they also had Roman goddesses for inspiration (I already posted one above).

Even the floor was amazing – I included the photo with shoes for size context:

Even the signs in the theatre were super ornate. It reminded me a little bit of the tower of terror at Disney/ California Adventure. (Everyone do the Brittany!)


We took final photos with the signs and then departed.

It was POURING rain… and neither of us had brought umbrellas… oh well haha

The city of Sydney is still looking out for us!


We came across a store with super cool door handles:

We walked back to the QVB to get out of the rain before catching our train.

The Coach store was doing some cool holiday decorating (I’m not kidding, this mall is swankier than anything I’ve seen in Vancouver).

The UGG store (where’s Ash’s and my slippers were born!) had what I think is potentially the best chair ever made.

After that, it was a train and a bus back home.

Isn’t Shane the best boyfriend in the whole world? He really knows how to plan a date night.

Miss you all and love you all!




6 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever

  1. What a beautiful date night! You guys look like you’re having a great time. Just think when you come home you will be blasted with the cold Christmas-sy weather you are missing. Woohoo! Miss you!


  2. He sux. He is making everyone else look bad! Lol. The floor design looks like small little tiles??? What a fun evening, although I question the wine from France when you are next to one of the best wine regions in the world – just saying…..


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