An Adventure to Get Craft Supplies!

With exams looming, Shane has been studying more and more. Dinner breaks get shorter and any kind of couple time has to fit into 30 minutes or less. We are also both super poor (I forgot what being a student was like!!) so we have started enjoying Hungry Jack’s one dollar frozen cokes. You can see the pink in my straw is from sherbet flavour mixed with coke. So so so yum. Especially when its crazy hot.

Om nom. Saturday night treat!


Over the past couple of weeks, I had been hunting around Parra for very specific craft supplies but I hadn’t been able to find exactly what I was looking for. Which means that it was time for an ADVENTURE! To center you in the timeline (because I have gotten behind in posting) this was October 25, 2015.

The store that sold everything I needed was in a community called Leichhardt. It’s an hour and 20 minutes away by bus once you reach the bus stop close to our place so probably 1h 35mins total travel time. I have a map below that shows the transit route (I live up at the top of the blue line near the top left and the shop is where the red dot is down in the bottom of the screen). Where you see the word Sydney is the CBD and main touristy bit of Sydney.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.06.22 PM

On Sundays the Sydney metro system caps travel costs at $2.50 so I decided to go when it wouldn’t cost me too much to get there and back. (Otherwise it is actually close to a $12 dollar round trip).

Shane walked me to the train station and then went to the library to study for the day.

This is the Westmead train station:


Train station selfie!


I think I told dad about this but on Sydney trains, you can move the seat backs so that you can have rows all facing the same way or rows facing each other if you have a big group!!

Photo A


Photo B


I actually moved these same seats for this photo but didn’t include enough of the train car to give good context haha. You grab the yellow handle and it is super easy. If you’re having a hard time visualizing, the part of the chair that your back would touch in Photo A is now facing the chair backs on the left side of the photo in Photo B.

I can’t explain how impressive I find this. It’s the small things, right? …right?

After getting off the train I decided to phone home… which meant that I couldn’t really look at my map… which meant that I kind of wandered all over Leichhardt. On the plus side, I got some awesome photos of what suburban Sydney looks like!

All houses are sold by Auction in Sydney!


I made a new friend! Bleh.


Most houses here have gorgeous wrought-iron fences out front and on their balconies. Their front yards are NOTHING like North America. They are quite small and filled with shrubbery and hedges – not big lawns like we have! I also love the balconies – which you can see up top on these homes here:


As it turns out, Leichhardt is one of the major wedding dress districts! There were so many shops with tons and tons of beautiful dresses on sale!

You can’t see too well because it was a really bright day but they had really cool wedding dresses. They had this one in black and in white. It has a long sheer skirt over a lacy mini dress. Very neat!


IMG_3008 IMG_3010

After window shopping, I finished up the real shopping I wanted to do and headed back!

IMG_3011 IMG_3013 IMG_3014

I took lots of photos of the homes on the way back. There is pretty extreme variation between the visual appeal of the homes.


Thanks for making sure I don’t get hit by cars, Australia!


Look at their front path and gate! It looks a bit like an agave root! Maybe they love tequila?


This is not Australia. This is a donkey in Mexico.

These ones are fairly standard looking homes.



This one is my favourite. So pretty with the rose garden in their front yard. They are little bit New Orleans style eh?




Another difference about Australian homes is that some of them have names on the exteriors. I’m not sure why – they seem to be family names? But what happens when you move? Some of them, like Albert below, are built into the house itself! I’ll ask some of the Aussies when exams are over.





“Stratboungo” (? – this is the one that makes me think that they are probably family names..)


Everyone who knows me at home, knows that I have no green thumb and typically plants aren’t my jam but I can’t get over the plants that people have here. They are so bright and tropical!

This is my second favourite house just because of those purple flowers cascading down from their balcony! So pretty!!


The train station is on the same level as the street so you have to walk up a flight of stairs, halfway across a little bridge and then down onto the platform in the middle of the tracks! These are the stairs up.


I saw a dad and daughter out decorating their house for Halloween!!! The only ones I’ve seen so far! I tried to be a creep but the tree blocked my shot and then I had to rush to catch the train haha. Eitherway! Good job, house behind the tree!


Here’s a couple of shots from the platforms so you can see the stairs and the bridge over the tracks! Also look at how huge the commuter train infrastructure is. They are all double-decker and there are TONS of lines.

IMG_3030 IMG_3029

Here are photos from the walk back home on my end of the journey:

These were just growing like weeds on the edge of the sidewalk!



Across the road are the little shops that are SUPER close to home. A small liquor store, a little grocer and some restaurants.


Another purple tree!


Finally, I was home. Time to relax. But Sunday night is family dinner and it was Shane and I’s turn to cook. We made pulled pork and Wolfgang Puck’s coleslaw. Ian had made this coleslaw for me before and it is a little bit labour intensive but my god is it amazing. Seriously, being unemployed has led to the best cooking of my life. I can’t recommend this dinner enough. Sooooo yummy.

Also, credit where credit is due, Andre and Brendon helped with veggies and cleaning. They came for beers and got roped into helping! Heh heh heh.

Shane’s sandwich.


Here are the leftovers being packed up. I forgot to take photos while Shane and I cooked. It was too tempting before dinner to stop for photos haha.

IMG_3036 IMG_3037

So that was it! Another weekend gone by – tons of studying for Shane, some adventuring for me and overall tons of fun.

Miss you all, love you all!



3 thoughts on “An Adventure to Get Craft Supplies!

  1. I wonder if your pulled pork is as tasty as mine when I smoke my pork shoulder for 15 hours!! It does look might tasty though….trying to book flights using pts from TD but Expedia has an issue…arrrrgggghhhhh


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