Weekend Fun: Sutures, Snacks and a Movie

As the weekend approached, Shane needed to practice working on his sutures. I actually hadn’t seen someone doing sutures before so I was super interested in how it’s done!

He sutured a small tear in a pair of shorts… I’ve told him I have a few shirts that could use suturing! Maybe Shane will be the house tailor! Dad, do you need anymore cushions done?



After Shane worked on sutures and studied we had a quick date-night movie-night.

We had both seen the trailer for Crimson Peak…

and being big horror fans, we decided to go check it out!

The mall is under construction and they work during the night:


We got to the theatre 20 minutes early and we needed a few ingredients for a recipe I was planning to make so we made a quick stop by Woolies (so convenient!)


I took more photos this time to show more of what the Australian concession area looks like. Shane and I still haven’t patronized the business though because it is soooo expensive! haha


Unfortunately… Crimson Peak wasn’t a very scary movie. It ended up being more of a gothic drama than a haunted house story so we were both a little bit disappointed. I think that if I had gone in not expecting to be frightened, I would have been much happier. What I can say for the movie is that it was gorgeous – the costumes and the sets (as you can see in the trailer) were great to look at for two hours. Also, we booked our sweetheart seats again! So Shane and I were both happy to get out of the house and have a fun little date.

IMG_2934 IMG_2935

Look how easy it is to hold hands!

On the way back home we stopped at a real estate board just around the corner. Sydney housing prices are completely ridiculous. I’d argue even worse than Vancouver’s.

To give some context, the neighbourhood we live in is:

  • A 20-25 minute walk to the nearest train station
  • A 15 minute bus ride to the closest city centre (Parramatta)
  • Close to the local hospitals
  • Approximately 60 minutes by train to the city – 1h 20m commute to downtown Sydney
  • Approximately 40-45 minutes to the city by car during commute hours
  • Definitely suburbia
  • A number of industrial type businesses are around us (factories and distribution centres etc.)


This is a single family home, close to the hospital with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a one car garage. The home has a “granny flat” which you can rent out but it is being sold for over ONE MILLION DOLLARS! The piece to remember as well is that houses in Australia are actually sold by auction so chances are, it’ll go for higher than that!


This one is advertised as “having the opportunity to modernize” (haha). Three bedrooms, ONE bathroom and two car garage… starting at $830,000.


This one is closer to the hospital than we are (3 minute walk) and apparently in a GREAT neighbourhood haha. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one garage … starting at $990,000.

Basically all of our neighbours must be super wealthy (or have terrible, terrible mortgages).

The next day, Shane and I got up and made a good breakfast to fuel a whole day of studying.

Here’s the best picture so far to show you how different (but excellent) Australian bacon is. You should know looking at this that we bought super cheap bacon – normally it has a lot more meat and less fat on it.


After breakfast I did some cooking. I made an old family favourite – “steak in the crockpot” with mashed perterders. Yum!

IMG_2943 IMG_2944

When Shane took a study break, we walked around to the corner to the little grocer there.

Look at his Kit-Kats! (Remember no tax so prices are pretty close).


It was so hot that we opted to share an icecream treat instead. After laughing to the Aussies about Golden Gaytime icecreams they convinced us to give them a try:

IMG_2945 IMG_2946

Shane thought it was excellent… I don’t think I’d have another haha. So mixed reviews! (I’m out numbered though – they are super popular here)

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Shane kept hinting at a big date coming up so he had to crack down and hit the books.

On Sunday we came down the stairs to find that one of the roommates had stolen a drawer out of the fridge. WHAT! haha. This house keeps me laughing. Too much fun.


Final thought: the weather is super bipolar here. It was SO HOT when we got ice cream – it barely survived the trip home. That evening? Looked almost like Vancouver.

Miss you all!

Love you lots!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Sutures, Snacks and a Movie

  1. Crap, I wish I had of known Shane had to practice sutures cause we could have gotten him to sew the cushion for the chair at the Glen!!! How is his technique through leather? or Faux leather??? Lol


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