Another Week Goes By…

Shane and I have been trying to get out for walks when we can. It gives him a break from study and gives us a chance to chat and decompress.

IMG_2953 IMG_2954

Shane had been telling me how different McDonald’s is here so we strolled down to Maccas:

Check it out! Build your own burgers! Real vegetables! We still haven’t done them (we’re trying to be healthy haha) but when we do, I’ll update!


They also sell fancy pastries:


And their coffee is proper coffee house coffee!


As a side story, our house chat is really funny. We call the house the “Northmead Clubhouse” …


Funny boys.

Shane has been studying super hard but he still has classes. What I’ve learned about living with a dental student is that sometimes you look over at them and they just have half of a fake face chillin on the floor:

IMG_2963 IMG_2964

He was putting a fake tooth into a dentoform model for “splinting from trauma” practice the next day.

Splinting is where you glue the teeth together so that they can stabilize and heal after a traumatic event. (Like a puck to the teeth). It looks kind of like braces. Fishing wire with composite to glue it across the front of your teeth.

While Shane and the boys were at school I made chicken soup from scratch! Even using homemade broth! I very loosely used this recipe from It was a big hit 🙂

IMG_2966 IMG_2967

The day I made soup was actually the same day as the Canadian election – I tuned in to my trusty News1130 to stay up to date and carefully monitored CNN and google for updates. It was strange being out of Canada for such a big event..

Towards the end of the tally of votes, mom and I had a Skype date! It was really nice to catch up and have an in depth one on one conversation. It’s funny how 12,000 kilometers can make a normal conversation so special.

Later in the week, it was time to return and pick up library books! With Shane and the roomies studying hard, it’s also good for me to have free time to go explore the city.

Sydney looks so different than Vancouver – I took some photos from around town:

IMG_2970 IMG_2971 IMG_2972

This style of terraced buildings is super common and very popular here:


(That was actually a funeral home… there’s a huge, ancient cemetery near us.. I’ll try to take photos of it in the future)

The main park in Parramatta is behind that purple sign. They were advertising for a big cultural event called Parramarsala. I didn’t go but I was on the bus when it was on and I saw people riding camels around the park. It was too funny. Imagine camels in the middle of Queen Elizabeth Park. That’s what it felt like.


One of my absolute favourite things about Sydney are the Jacaranda trees. They are everywhere and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve taken a ton of photos but its hard to imagine these huge trees that are just purple instead of green. And then when you see them planted amongst other green leafed trees – it looks like a fairytale. I’m so sad that I won’t see them in bloom again next year (October/November). Apparently they grow in Mexico and LA. I’ll have to ask Jenny if she’s seen any. Carrie? Any by you?


It rained as I was coming back home and I was lucky enough to catch full a double rainbow. It shows up above the bright one in the photo above. Unfortunately the traffic moved during my panorama but the rainbow looks great.

IMG_2979 IMG_2978

I found another ibis on the way home. He was just savin’ a spot. Guy’s gotta earn money somehow..


It was a very exciting week for Canada and a very fun week here in Oz.. I have a bit more to post about this week but you’ll all have to wait until I wake up! Next up is my favourite-older-sister’s birthday. Betchya can’t guess who!

Miss you all and love you all!



One thought on “Another Week Goes By…

  1. After reading that damn Buzzfeed article I’m not terrified that the Jacanda trees are going to kill you! It’s very pretty though and that ibis looks sad and lonely. He probably just wants a friend. Miss you lots!


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