The Week After Thanksgiving

The week after Thanksgiving, Shane had to start really cracking down on the studying so I was on my own a little bit more.

Here’s a usual sight:


Shane and I make dinners together and he does a good job of helping with dishes haha


We dried out the wishbone and both wished for world peace. So you’re welcome, Earth! Should be solved any time now!

IMG_2896 IMG_2897


Shane is also the chief barbecue-r. Look at how good our free barbecue works! The boys had to give it a good clean but it is our primary cooking device most days now 🙂

IMG_2908 IMG_2910

Almost as good lookin’ as the guy cookin’!


Don’t get too comfortable though… the backyard is still full of danger.


Towards the end of the week I ventured into the city to find the local library! I followed my trusty map and walked about four blocks from the bus stop before realizing that there’s a shortcut that gets me to the library about 30 seconds after getting off the bus! Oops!

This is the local mall that I circled before realizing my mistake oops:


Fun fact: the name at the top, “Westfield”, isn’t the name of mall (like Metrotown, Pacific Center, Park Royal etc.) it is actually the name of the company that built and owns the mall! There are a ton of Westfield owned shopping centres all over Australia!

The library is very new and is quite similar to libraries at home. They have lots of books, DVDs, CDs, and a huge kids section. The major difference is that their library is much more multi-cultural. The library announcements are in several languages and there is a huge section of books in other languages. There is actually one full section of just books in Korean, for example. Another major difference is that even though Parramatta is the main branch, they don’t have a huge collection with many copies of books! They split the collection amongst many local libraries and then move them to your preferred location if you request a copy. They only had 3 Stephen King books!! Three!!


Afterwards I went and got a hot chocolate and read my books for a while. Look at the cup that the hot chocolate comes in!! It’s called a “hug mug” and it is supposed to warm your hands while you drink.


50 pages later, Shane had finished lecture nearby so he came and met me and we went for a little walk then out for indian food to a place called Neelam Indian Restaurant. I think it was the most reasonably priced date spot so far! We ordered Paneer Tikka which came on a sizzling hot plate, butter chicken and mango chicken. The restaurant was super popular with dine ins and take out. You can see that we felt the same about the food!


This is the town hall that we walked by on the way. You can really see the British influence on architecture with these old buildings. It almost looks like it belongs in the Caribbean (to me).


Miss you all!

Love you all!



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