The Day After Thanksgiving!

The day after thanksgiving we cleaned up… AND I made soup using broth from the slow-cooked turkey carcass!

Shane and I walked up to the IGA to get some groceries:


We were surprised at some of the products they carried…


Apparently Australians don’t think that it’s funny… it’s just normal ice cream that they buy!

On the way home it started to rain .. Shane wasn’t happy about it haha.


It’s a good thing that we left when we did because after that it absolutely poured!!

Here are the views out the front and back doors!

IMG_2769 IMG_2772

ALSO! I know that previously I had mentioned some bad news… we thought that we had to move but it turns out that we don’t! Yay!! We got so excited about eating the soup that I forgot to take photos!

Credit where credit is due!… I used the Light Turkey and Corn Chowder recipe from Cookin’ Canuck and it was phenomenal! I couldn’t find green chiles in a can at our local grocery store so I doubled the amount of cayenne instead. That was a bit of a mistake haha – even the boys said it was spicy.. and usually they’re loading on the hot sauce. It was a pretty great lighter meal after such a huge thanksgiving supper and managed to taste better every day for leftovers.

Miss you all!

Love you all!



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