What to do when Shane’s at School?

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting! We’ve been super busy with Thanksgiving and some bad news too… but that will all be posted about in order!

Shane has been back at school for a week so I’ve had to keep myself busy in the daytime!

First thing first, we have chores!

At the beginning of the week (Monday the 5th), I started off with all our laundry… When you move into a place in Australia, it doesn’t come with any appliances! So back when Shane and his roommates first moved in, they even had to get a fridge! Luckily, Brendon had lived on his own previously so he already owned a few appliances, such as our washing machine. It can only be run on cold because hot makes it leak haha. It looks a little worse for wear but it works SUPER well.


It shares a room with our downstairs bathroom.


You may notice that there is no room for a dryer in there… we have to hang everything. D:

I went outside and tried to be super brave but there were nickel-to-quarter sized spiders ALL OVER!! Luckily, Andre was there so he hosed down the drying rack for me!


IMG_2637 IMG_2638


IMG_2635 IMG_2636

So after chores, I’ve been doing some editing work for friends back home, reading a LOT and laughing at silly internet jokes:



On Tuesday last week (the 6th), Shane called me after clinic and asked if I wanted to go to the mall for lunch with Shane, James and Jamie. James came to visit us in Vancouver over Christmas last year so I already knew him really well. We went to the Space Needle and had a lot of fun being tourists when he was there.

Here is a photo of the four of us in the car. James is the driver on the left, Jamie is in the front passenger seat and Shane and I are in the back. I didn’t get the silly faces memo haha. Ooops.

james car

We drove to Westfield Shopping Center which is a HUGE mall. It’s the main mall in Parramatta and a lot like Metrotown. It has 8 floors, a movie theatre, tons of stores, a train station, a bus station, beauty salons, and two huge grocery stores (plus smaller market-like grocery stores). James tells me that they don’t call it the mall though. It’s called “the shops”. Haha.

When we got there, we decided to go out for Malaysian food at a place called Pappa Rich!

IMG_2645 IMG_2646


Shane ordered a chicken and rice thing…


I ordered a chicken schnitzel thing with curry on top. It had rice, an egg and vegetables on the side. Very yummy! I also had a mango slushy drink with lychee 🙂


After lunch, we walked through the mall. Here are some photos to show you all what it looks like.

Here is the bus loop and the outside of Pappa Rich:



Here are some shots of “the shops”

IMG_2658 IMG_2657

Shane and I on an escalator:


They have a shoe store called “Athlete’s Foot”….


Bed Bath and Beyond’s sad little brother…


Here’s the movie theatre. It’s absolutely huge. It has something like 4 floors of the mall in one huge wing. You buy your tickets on the right and then in front you can see a concession area that is more like a store than a service counter. You go get popcorn from a guy then they have 7-11 style soda machines and racks of candy. You pay at another set of cashiers.

The cinema companies are also different than back home. Instead of Cineplex, the big one would be “Event Cinemas” which is the company running the theatres at this mall. A smaller company, similar to Landmark at home is called “Dendy”. To go see a movie is SUPER expensive but I’ll go into that more later. 🙂



After that, we had to go back to Westmead because Shane had a lecture to attend. Here is the station at Parramatta where we caught the train:

IMG_2663 IMG_2664

This is Westmead hospital:


I hung out, listened to a podcast and then we walked home. On the way, there is a blue bridge over a little nature park. We saw lots of ducks, birds, bugs and a couple lizards! The lizards were hunting for dinner, see if you can spot them!

IMG_2669 IMG_2667 IMG_2668

I also checked the mail and there was a neat thing! Their local MP sends out a flyer with information on what he’s doing and important community notices! It looks like it is one page but it was actually 6! I was surprised that we don’t do the same here – it seems that the only time we get correspondence from our local government is during campaign season. Either way, good job Mark Taylor!

IMG_2672 IMG_2674

The rest of the week went by pretty uneventfully.

We worked on the table.. (in our garage – there is actually a big space behind me with a storage locker and a shop bench). This is Shane varnishing the table:


I made Shane a lunch for school:


I organized the tupperware:


And finally… I made the boys brownies!

IMG_2682 IMG_2681

They were a hit haha.

Before I sign off, this is a better shot of the gift box Shane put together for me. You can see all his notes on each item 🙂


Miss you all and love you all!




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