Date Night!

On Friday night, Shane and I went on a date! I was feeling pretty sick.. I caught a cold which I haven’t really been able to shake. Normally I have a great immune system but I think it must have been some Australian thing that I haven’t built any resistance to! Anyways, we have both had this cold so we didn’t want to do anything crazy like head all the way to the city. We talked about it and decided that a dinner n’ movie night would be perfect for us.

After Shane got home from class we decided to head out to a casual family restaurant nearby called Hog’s Breath.  We were both craving North American style food.

Check out “the answers” below.


Here is what the restaurant looks like:


They decorated using American license plates!


And radios haha


After dinner, we bussed back to Westfield mall to go see The Martian at the cinemas. We booked special “sweetheart seats” which are two seats together with no arm rest in the middle! When you pick out your seats online, the system is very similar to back home but these seats are two hearts next to each other instead of the normal seat icon. They are spread out throughout the theatre so you can sit where you want to within reason.

Their seat prices are closer to $17 per person and popcorn is around $15 for a teeny tiny box. It’s actually pretty ridiculous pricing when you compare it to North America.

In exchange, however, the seats are very comfortable, wide and plush. The seat size is similar to what you’d have in a VIP cinema. The theatres are very large rooms with steep incline and fewer seats than you would see back home. They are also all numbered. They don’t have theatres where you can just go in and sit anywhere.

IMG_2694 IMG_2696

I didn’t warn Shane in time and then I never retook the photo haha.


Shane and I both really liked The Martian. We thought that it was very well done and worth the expense of going out. Which is much more important here haha.

After the movie we bussed home. In Australia, or maybe just in Sydney? Either way, where we live, they have a big item collection that comes around every quarter. It’s called “curbside pickup” basically, people will dispose of big household items like couches, shelves, tables and chairs. As we were walking back to the house, we saw a really nice barbecue! The BBQ we had at the house was very small and cooked really unevenly. It had been a hand-me-down through several of Shane’s friends before it reached us and I think it was on its last legs.

Shane and I investigated the barbecue for obvious damage or spiders but it seemed to be in great condition!

So we TOOK it! haha!!


I think someone was just upgrading their old barbecue because when we got it home, we cleaned it up and it works extremely well. Sooooo much better than the old one. The hand-me-down one got tossed in the curbside pickup instead haha.

The next day was super busy… Thanksgiving! That will have a post of its own.

Miss you all!




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