Building a New Table!

Everyone living in the house is Canadian so in a week we are going to host everyone for Canadian Thanksgiving! There will be 20 people at the dinner so it’s a pretty big undertaking. The boys are super well prepared but we didn’t have enough seats for everyone!

So far living with boys has met every stereotype because they all pulled out power tools (why do they own these?? haha) and decided to build a new giant table. It will hopefully seat around 14 people and then our other kitchen table will seat the last 6.

This is Shane and Brendon with the wood table top and the bracing wood. It’s sitting on top of our normal kitchen table.



The boys drilling? the table together? I don’t know…

IMG_2619 IMG_2618

Brendon, Andre and Shane workin’ hard.


Flipped over but still no legs…


Here’s the finished product! With my IKEA laundry basket on it! My job is to sand the table this week then we are going to stain and finish it!


Andre has also weight tested the table and it should be fine to hold at least our turkey and drinks.

Time to go finish my (and Shane’s) laundry!

Miss you all!




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