Our House!

Our house in Australia is awesome! It’s pretty central to quite a few different shops and restaurants.. everything that we need is about 10-15 minutes away walking. I took some photos so that everyone can see what the layout is like…


This is the outside of the house at night time.


Down these stairs we have a one car garage with storage space for Costco shops, a shop bench which the boys are using for dental model work, garbage and recycling. Due to the dangers of potential spiders, I will only be entering as absolutely necessary, so unfortunately, no photos. The kitchen is on our left and you can see the living room ahead of us.


Here is our living room and front door. The blue couch is a pull-out! We’ve been spending the vast majority of our time in this room playing Mario Kart.


This is the view towards the back of the house from the living room. You can see the main bathroom/laundry room on the right and the edge of the kitchen.

Here’s a better picture of the kitchen:


And this is a view out the backdoor. Shane’s roommates both have gardens – you can see their potted plants on the left.. they have an avocado tree, tomatoes, and strawberries! They also dry their laundry outside but the clothes racks are COVERED in spiders’ webs… so I probably won’t be drying my clothes… ever….


Here is the next floor up… on the left you can see the stairs down to the kitchen and the stairs up to the last bedroom. Forward is Shane’s old bedroom and on the right is the main bathroom.


Here are a few photos of Shane’s and my bedroom.




And finally, our balcony!


See the super secure bug screen?

We can cool down our room without letting any critters in.

Miss you all!



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