Hello from Australia!


Good news everyone! They let me in!

Monday September 28th was travel day for me. It was a super busy day with lots of packing and last minute errands (cancelling my TV and internet, unlocking my cell phone and quickly trying to exchange my money – oops!). I managed to see Candace for a goodbye-sisters-lunch and see Courteney’s new ride (spoiler alert, it’s awesome) before one last Canadian dinner with the core 6 at White Spot.

After dinner we stopped by home where the sisters gave me the perfect flight care packages. Kleenex, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash wipes and candy! They also managed to sneak a card into my suitcase (oops, TSA I did not pack everything in that bag…) and gave me a travel journal to document the occasional thought that tumbleweeds through my brain.

At the airport, Ian and Dave stopped by for final hugs, the family walked me to security and away I went!

airport dad kiss airport no dad

IMG_2630 IMG_2628

I was asleep before the wheels left the runway and unsuccessfully tried to watch “Spy” three times before admitting defeat. I had seen it previously (and loved it!) but unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay awake for more than 15 minutes into the beginning of the movie each time I tried. I sleep-watched “The Dark Knight” and then started “The Terminator” but didn’t even get to the good parts by the time we landed. Also, awko-taco I forgot how completely naked Arnold Schwarzenegger is at the beginning of that movie… I apologize to all the people who had my teeny-tiny seat screen in their view!

After landing, we taxied to the gate and had to wait ten minutes while the Australian government sprayed down the plane (interior) with insecticide. Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic to humans (apparently)…

Finally, I made it off the plane and through to customs. The line up was absolutely enormous, it took me probably 45 minutes, if not an hour, to get through the line. The entire time sweating about whether or not my documents were filled out correctly.

After escaping from Australian customs, I met up with Shane! We forgot to take a “just off the plane” photo but here are some of…

The flowers he brought me (gerbers!)


Shane driving… (with his eyes closed!)


A big tunnel that goes under the city to bypass all the traffic:


The traffic close to his home…


And a selfie of us:


The house we’re living in is in a suburb called Northmead which is very close to Parramatta. It is about a 40 minute drive from the airport. When we arrived, Shane had put together a whole care package for me!!


Some of the highlights included… my new purple UGG slippers, postcards for home, a SIM card for my phone, Bose Mini Speakers, Maple Syrup, Kit Kats, and a stress ball. 🙂

We decided to go out to Parramatta afterwards but I’ll save that for another post!

Miss you all!



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